AnJie Broad & Bright represented Panda Capital in the angel+ round of investment in “Blue Protein”

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Recently, Xi’an Broopting Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Protein”), an insect biotechnology company, announced the completion of a 10 million yuan angel + round of financing, independently invested by Panda Capital, and the funds are mainly used for technology research and development and capacity expansion.

AnJie Broad & Bright Law Firm Yang Di, Liu Dayu and Wu Chaomei provided full legal services on behalf of Panda Capital for the investment.

Founded in June 2020, Blue Protein is a biotechnology company that recycles organic waste such as food waste through insect biotechnology and provides high-quality insect protein. “Blue Protein” realizes the large-scale industrial breeding of black soldier fly (a resource insect) in a standardized control way, produces insect protein feed while treating food waste, realizes the recycling of waste, and provides the industry with full-chain software and hardware technical services.