Covid-19: italian worker post-disease reintroduction 

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The Italian Health Ministry, in agreement with the Social Representatives, has clarified the procedures for the return of employees who have contracted Covid-19 (circular no. 15127 of 12 April 2021).

The management procedure changes according to the seriousness of the symptoms manifested by the worker during the disease.

Generally, it is always necessary the negative test.

Serious illness and hospitalization

Required competent doctor visit to ascertain suitability for the job.


10 days of isolation, of which at least 3 days without symptoms + negative test.


10 days of isolation + negative test.

Long-term positives

Positive person without symptoms for at least a week can finish isolation after 21 days.

However, for reintegration into the company, the negative test is required.

The period between the certificated termination of isolation and the negativization, in the event that smart working is not practicable, is covered by a certificate of extension of the illness.

Unless specifically requested by the worker, visit to ascertain the suitability for the job is not required.

Close contact

10 days of isolation + negative test.

The worker informs the competent doctor who releases medical certification of illness unless smart working could not be practicable.