Dechert Elects 31 New Partners

By December 6, 2021 No Comments
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Dechert today announced that a class of 31 lawyers from around the world will be elected to the partnership, effective January 1, 2022. The largest new partner class in recent firm history, these extraordinarily diverse and talented lawyers span 11 offices in six countries on three continents, ranging from Charlotte to Singapore, and encompass all the firm’s dispute and transactional practices.

“Over the years, Dechert has grown in size, and the needs of our clients have grown in complexity,” said Andy Levander, chair of the firm’s Policy Committee. “From data privacy and cryptocurrency to cutting edge cross-border transactions to complex financial instruments and game-changing litigation, our clients are facing an unprecedented range of new issues. It takes a diverse, deeply talented and highly specialized global team to help our clients navigate these and other unique challenges. We’re proud to welcome these 16 women and 15 men from around the world to our partnership, and we are confident that they will continue to deliver extraordinary work for our clients.”

“The size and breadth of this new class is a testament to our successes in growing in our key practices and geographies,” said CEO Henry Nassau. “More importantly, it’s also a testament to the depth of the talent and commitment within our associate and counsel ranks. Whether they began their careers as summer associates, trainees, or joined the firm more recently, each of these 31 individuals have already demonstrated a commitment to high-quality client service. We know that they will continue to raise the bar in the years to come as both partners and leaders in our firm.”

The full class of new partners includes:

  • Matthew J. Armstrong, New York, Finance and Real Estate
  • Linda Ann Bartosch, Philadelphia, Finance and Real Estate
  • Paul Bennett IV, Philadelphia, Corporate and Securities
  • Claire Bentley, London, Financial Services
  • Andrew H. Braid, Philadelphia, Employee Benefits
  • Julia Chapman, Philadelphia, Antitrust/Competition
  • May Chiang, New York, Trial, Investigations and Securities
  • George Davis, New York, Global Tax
  • Mark Dillon, Dublin, Financial Services
  • J. Ian Downes, Philadelphia, Labor
  • Cyril Fiat, Paris, Financial Services
  • Evan Flowers, London, Trial, Investigations and Securities
  • Timothy Goh, Singapore, Corporate and Securities
  • Nitya Kumar Goyal, Philadelphia, Finance and Real Estate
  • Elizabeth Ann Guidi, New York, Global Tax
  • Jacqueline Harrington, New York, Product Liability and Mass Torts
  • David A. Herman, New York, Financial Restructuring
  • Jennifer Insley-Pruitt, New York, Intellectual Property
  • Carina Klaes-Staudt, Munich, Corporate and Securities
  • Angelina X. Liang, New York, Corporate and Securities
  • Melanie MacKay, Chicago, Trial, Investigations and Securities
  • Sarah E. Milam, New York, Finance and Real Estate
  • Ross L. Montgomery, London, Corporate and Securities
  • Daniel S. Mozes, Philadelphia, Corporate and Securities
  • Daniel Natoff, London, Trial, Investigations and Securities
  • Sophie Pelé, Paris, Antitrust/Competition
  • Benjamin Sadun, Los Angeles, Product Liability and Mass Torts
  • Tyler Stevens, Charlotte, Finance and Real Estate
  • Anna Tomczyk, New York, Corporate and Securities
  • Lindsay Trapp, New York, Financial Services
  • Katherine Unger Davis, Philadelphia, Product Liability and Mass Torts