DGKV contributed the chapter on Bulgaria in the TerraLex Cross-Border Guide to Crypto Assets

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DGKV contributor TerraLex-7d736249

Crypto assets have come to the forefront of society quickly. In an area where technology has surpassed the law in many jurisdictions, the TerraLex Cross-Border Guide to Crypto Assets which officially launches on September 14th, 2022 aims to provide a current snapshot of the legal status of crypto assets around the world, current regulations, and forthcoming or proposed legislation. Our specialized lawyers Violetta Kunze, Partner heading DGKV’s Technology, Media & Telecoms Practice group, Gergana Monovska, Counsel at Banking & Finance Practice group,  Ivan Punev, Senior Associate at Taxation Practice group and Galin Atanasoff, Senior Associate at Dispute resolution Practice group are the principal drafters of the chapter on Bulgaria.

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