DLA Piper launches Real Estate AI/automation platform Release

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DLA Piper today announces the launch of Release, an online, secure portal and platform for real estate clients which can be used to view and manage each step of a standard transaction and all the legal elements of a deal in one place – resulting in considerable time savings.

As well as providing clients with a dedicated dashboard that provides a simple, transparent and accessible way to view the progress of a matter and outstanding actions, Release will greatly improve the way clients instruct and provide information to DLA Piper. Through this, the document processing time will be reduced by over 90% and the platform allows for an overview of a matter to be quickly shared with other advisers and the DLA Piper team.

The portal is integrated with other real estate systems within DLA Piper, including its contract automation technology, which allows relevant document drafts, such as commercial contracts or lease agreements, to be produced immediately and automatically shortly after instructing the firm via the portal, by way of a simple Q&A format, resulting in considerable time savings and efficiencies.

The Release portal and platform is bespoke to each client and is based around the following elements:

vRooms – a highly configurable, flexible platform that encompasses secure data and deal room services and the latest technologies in online collaboration, project management data sharing and reporting features
DocAuto – a legal document automation tool that helps our lawyers to prepare the first drafts of legal documents in a fraction of the time it would take to prepare manually.
Artificial Intelligence – employed to help speed up and improve accuracy in the document review process, identifying provisions and key information
The platform allows DLA Piper to generate and review documents more efficiently, completing in a matter of days what it used to take a team of lawyers several weeks to do. This time saving allows clients and their agents to conclude deals more rapidly and frees up lawyer time to concentrate on the more value added and strategic elements of a client project.
William Naunton, Head of UK Real Estate at DLA Piper, commenting on the launch, said:

“The launch of Release is a clear illustration of the firm’s innovative and forward looking approach to the provision of legal services. The platform brings together a combination of systems and technologies that produce a bespoke platform for our real estate clients, allowing us to do our jobs more efficiently. This results in us spending more time on detailed legal intricacies and the strategic elements of deals rather than repetitive manual tasks and enables transactions to happen at the speed of the clients, not the speed of the lawyers.”

Release is part of DLA Piper’s Law& brand, which delivers solutions beyond traditional legal services to help businesses succeed. From consultancy to cutting-edge AI, Law& integrates technology and first-class commercial and legal knowhow.

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