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Telecommuting Employees and Consent to the Recording of Virtual Meetings.

Published 2024-06-24 11:26:50

Mark S. Gorriceta, Managing Partner at Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra is one of the panelists at the Open Finance Revolution 2024.

Published 2024-06-12 12:39:17

Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra

Published 2024-06-06 08:13:21

I'm thrilled to share that OneTrust DataGuidance has recently featured my latest article on the Philippine National Privacy Commission's Amendments to the 2021 Rules of Procedure.

Published 2024-06-06 08:11:59

Proud to share that our Firm received PH Law Firm Awards for Tech Media Telco and Venture Capital, sharing these with other leading firms.

Published 2024-02-26 10:33:07

Here are my My Top AI Frameworks

Published 2024-02-26 10:31:56

Thrilled to share that I'll be speaking and serving as a panelist at a forthcoming masterclass on AI, “Generative AI for Business: A Masterclass,” slated for February 6, 2024, at the AIM Conference Center.

Published 2024-01-24 11:29:45

Philippines: The NPC releases guidelines on consent

Published 2024-01-24 11:26:19

Philippines: The NPC releases guidelines on consent

Published 2024-01-22 11:12:25

Unbelievable and unexpected.

Published 2023-12-01 06:16:51

🌐Just Wrapped Up an Incredible Experience at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023! 🚀🇸🇬

Published 2023-11-28 07:15:32

Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023!

Published 2023-11-23 08:58:38

I am mighty proud to share that our Firm has received 21 nominations (of 21 of our submissions) for the 2023 Philippine Law Awards (Thomson Reuters).

Published 2023-11-13 06:56:05

It is my honor and privilege to provide corporate governance training for 476 directors and officers who attended this year’s governance learning session from at least 20 companies, including 5 publicly listed companies and 5 public companies.

Published 2023-11-13 06:44:38

Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra is Contributor to the Chambers and Partners Artificial Intelligence 2023 Guide | Philippines

Published 2023-10-31 10:36:25

Artificial Intelligence 2023

Published 2023-10-31 10:35:18

I am incredibly humbled and deeply honored to share with you some wonderful news that I received yesterday, October 11. I have been recognized as one of the "Top 100 Lawyers in the Philippines" by Asia Business Law Journal (ABJL).

Published 2023-10-23 18:54:20

Recap of #IHCCongress23HK: Atty. Edsel Tupaz and Atty. Kristine Torres from ​Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra | GorricetaLaw

Published 2023-10-23 18:23:07

I am so thrilled to be able to speak today at the Hong Kong In-House Community Congress 2023! 

Published 2023-10-05 13:50:07

Gorriceta + GCASH: Law and Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Legal Practice

Published 2023-10-05 13:47:31