I’m incredibly honoured to be participating in the Horasis Global Meeting

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Horasis Global Meeting – Gaziantep, Türkiye 22-23 October

I’m incredibly honoured to be participating in the Horasis Global Meeting, happening in Gaziantep, Turkey from October 22-23. This city faced a devastating earthquake earlier this year and holds a diverse history as a meeting point for various civilisations.

The event’s central theme, “Making a Difference through Innovation, Sustainability, and Reconstruction,” has drawn 400 participants from across the globe. We’re here to brainstorm solutions not only for the physical rebuilding of Gaziantep but also to delve into crucial topics like navigating leadership in uncertain times, advancing global public welfare, promoting sustainable development, strengthening public-private collaborations, fostering resilient and intelligent cities, and more.

Our diverse gathering includes experts from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Tokyo Keizai University, Messina, alongside high-ranking executives from various corporations, seasoned consultants, and distinguished politicians, including the Deputy Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, the Vice President of Turkey, and the former President of Ecuador, among many others.

Our shared commitment is to identify actionable solutions, not just for Gaziantep, but also for addressing urgent global challenges. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to address the audience on the topic of “Working better in a Frugal World.”

The level of collaboration and the quality of contributions have been truly remarkable. We have one more day to hopefully make a meaningful impact together.

I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Frank-Jürgen Richter for bringing this remarkable group of individuals together and for the outstanding organisation of this event and the warm hospitality of the city of Gaziantep, Mayor Fatma Şahin and Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz. I’m truly humbled to be part of this inspiring community.