Italian National Protocol For The Vaccination In The Workplace Defined

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Another (excellent) step to promote the application and effectiveness of anti-covid measures in the workplace and, consequently, increase safety and health.

Companies and employers can now concretely commit to the direct vaccination of workers who, regardless of the type of contract, work in their favor.

On 6 April 2021, the “Italian National Protocol for the implementation of business plans aimed at activating extraordinary anti-SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination points in the workplace was defined between the Government and the Social Representatives.

Here is the summary of the essential points.

Employers can express availability, individually or in aggregate form, regardless of the number of resources.

Workers, regardless of the contractual form that binds them to the employers, adequately informed, must join voluntarily.

The procedures for collecting adhesions must be carried out in full compliance with the voluntary choice, privacy and avoiding any form of discrimination of the workers involved.

The employers concerned comply with the Protocol as well as with any other prescription adopted by the competent Authorities, taking into account the specificity of each individual company with the support of the competent doctor.

The business plans (including the number of memberships) are proposed by the employers to the relevant Health Authority.

The costs for the creation and management of business plans, including administration costs, are entirely borne by the employer. Furthermore, if the vaccination is performed during working hours, the time necessary for the vaccination is equated in all respects to working hours.

The costs for the supply of vaccines, administration devices (syringes / needles), training tools and tools for recording vaccinations performed are borne by the territorially competent Regional Health Services.

Administration of the vaccine:

* is reserved for healthcare professionals (who are offered the specific training course);

* is performed in suitable company premises.

As an alternative to the above, employers can resort to suitable private health facilities by specific agreements and communicating the number of members (or to INAIL health facilities)