Just wrapped up 3 incredible days at #ExpoReal Munich

ruta expo

 Just wrapped up 3 incredible days at #ExpoReal Munich, Europe’s biggest real estate “festival”! Time flew by as I with my FORT Baltic real estate partners Jānis Līkops and Minni-Triin Park immersed ourselves in the dynamic world of European and also US real estate markets. 🚀

I’m truly grateful for the invaluable experiences, knowledge, and connections gained during this event. 🙏 It’s been an eye-opening journey, and here are some key takeaways:
1️⃣ Market Challenges: The current landscape is presenting challenges with fluctuating interest rates and uncertainties.
2️⃣ Buyer-Seller Gap: Despite the potential, there seems to be a significant gap between seller and buyer expectations, resulting in fewer transactions.
3️⃣ ESG & Sustainability: ESG, decarbonization, and sustainability have taken the spotlight, with nearly a third of presentations focusing on these critical topics.

On a positive note, I was thrilled to see #Lithuania prominently featured in discussions about the Polish real estate market. 🇱🇹 In a market downturn, Lithuanian players (thumbs up Viktorija Venclovaitė Orkinė and Paulius Stulgaitis) are setting an excellent example, making a significant impact in Poland. Poland is talking about us 👏To all those embarking on or continuing their journey in this vast market, I wish you the best of luck! 🌟

I’m also proud to be part of a vibrant Lithuanian real estate professionals network which is very active and always ready to gather in one place and celebrate. Thank you, Olga Petroševičienė and Robertas Čiočys for all organisation!