LEXeFISCAL LLP: A Global Tax Powerhouse

By September 19, 2023 No Comments
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Nestled in the heart of London’s prestigious Mayfair district, LEXeFISCAL LLP has emerged as a leading global tax powerhouse, carving out a notable reputation for its innovative and client-centric approach.

Founded in 2010 by the visionary Dr. Clifford J. Frank, the firm quickly distinguished itself with its boutique expertise in fiscal, commercial legal, and accounting matters. In 2015, the dynamic Marianna Penna joined as a partner, ushering in a new era of enhanced insights and services, seamlessly blending the firm’s diverse disciplines. This collaboration enriched the firm’s client-centric approach, setting a high bar in the industry.

Guided by the unwavering motto “Vincit Veritas” or “Truth Conquers”, LEXeFISCAL has held a steadfast commitment to integrity and excellence, navigating the complex terrains of the fiscal world with grace and aplomb. The year 2022 heralded another significant chapter with the inclusion of Yuliya, an international tax expert, further solidifying the firm’s reputation as a global powerhouse in the tax world. Her insights and expertise broadened the firm’s horizons, enhancing its global appeal and expertise.

Throughout the years, LEXeFISCAL LLP has handled numerous high-profile deals with finesse and mastery. Their portfolio showcases their role as lead advisors in a notable Asset Sale of US$11.5 million and the adept integration of off-balance sheet assets amounting to £36 million to group balance sheets. They have navigated impaired loss claims valued at £8 million and facilitated the recognition of inherited goodwill of £16 million, adding remarkable value to their clients’ assets.

Their expansive expertise manifested in managing shareholder disputes worth £1.1 million and successfully defending undervalue transactions. The firm has also carved niches in royalty planning and international group structures, with a notable non-domicile residency claim yielding tax savings of £1 million and further tax reductions amounting to £340k, reflecting their innovative approach to fiscal optimization.

Their prowess was notably demonstrated when dealing with sensitive cases involving the National Crime Agency (NCA) investigations and HMRC COP8 & 9 issues. The firm’s adept handling of these matters resulted in no tax being payable, and efficiently steering clear of prosecution, further cementing their standing as a reliable and resilient force in the industry.

Operating from their primary hub in Mayfair, London, and boasting a second office in the vibrant city of Milano, Italy, the firm has fostered a robust network of global connections. This network includes independent associates situated across key regions including Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UAE, USA (New York), Poland, Serbia, Georgia, and Grenada, offering clients a wealth of global fiscal opportunities and solutions.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Frank, alongside the dynamic partnership of Penna and Yuliya, LEXeFISCAL LLP has morphed into an emblem of excellence and innovation. As they approach another milestone, the firm stands as a nurturer of dreams and a creator of enduring legacies, fostering a clientele ready to embrace a future rich with opportunities and boundless potential.