Malta is kicking the year off with an exciting new Fund offering.

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henno fund

With a new year, comes an exciting and efficient fund structure in Malta, the Notified Professional Investor Fund.

Salient points include:

-Notified PIFs offer a regulatory alternative, requiring a simple notification process instead of a full licensing procedure.
-The notification process, completed within 10 working days, allows for quicker setup and potentially lower operational and regulatory costs for promoters.
-Unlike traditional funds, Notified PIFs skip the MFSA’s review of marketing material and offering documentation, contributing to a more streamlined process.
-Notified PIFs are exclusively for non-retail schemes available to Qualifying Investors, maintaining a balance between risk level and minimal supervision.
-Due to the reduced supervision, adequate risk disclosures are crucial, ensuring transparency for prospective investors.
-For ‘Lending’ activity, Notified PIFs allow for a broad range of investment strategies.

For a comprehensive overview kindly refer to our recent article:

As a Licensed Fund holder, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services including fund fund administration, accounting and shareholder reporting, corporate secretarial services, shareholder services and valuations.

For further information about the Notified Professional Investor Funds, please contact me or email the Dixcart office in Malta: [email protected].