Philippines: The NPC releases guidelines on consent

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Philippines: The NPC releases guidelines on consent
I am pleased to share my Insight article here, which appears on OneTrust DataGuidance. My article discusses the National Privacy Commission‘s Circular No. 2023-04, which refers to the Guidelines on Consent. 🔐
In this piece, I discuss and summarize comprehensive guidelines outlined by the NPC on the use of consent as a lawful basis for data processing. 🤝💻
Explore crucial insights and updates that personal information controllers (PICs) need to ensure compliance with these new guidelines. Here I focus on the more practical implications of both the Circular as well as the NPC Advisory on Deceptive Design Patterns (as both should be read together):
·      Circular’s impact on existing mechanisms for privacy notices
·      timing of obtaining consent
·      withdrawal of consent
·      level of granularity
·      use of the ‘average member of the target audience’ standard
·      prohibitions against deceptive design patterns, and
·      the applicable compliance period.

Read the full article here :
Title: Philippines: The NPC releases guidelines on consent
Author: Edsel F. Tupaz, ​Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra | GorricetaLaw
Contributors: Berne M. Facinal, Rosegail F. Abas, Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra
Stay informed in the evolving landscape of data privacy in the Philippines!
Next up, watch out for a sequel to my Insight article. In a forthcoming article, I shall be discussing the rules about:
·      Continued Use of Service
·      Documentation of Consent
·      Direct Marketing
·      Data Sharing
·      Profiling and Automated Processing
·      UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) strategies