Publication of the Application Texts of the New Investment Law

By November 22, 2022 No Comments
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Key points:

•Publication of most of the new investment law application texts (Law 22-18).

•Installation of a High Commission responsible for ruling on appeals lodged by investors considering they have been disadvantaged under Law 22-18.

•Creation of an electronic platform to guide and accompany investors.

•Creation of a one-stop shop with national competence dedicated to foreign investments and major projects.

•The minimum threshold for benefiting from the transfer guarantee is calculated based on the share of foreign financing incumbent on investors in the total investment cost and is set at 25% of the investment amount.

•Projects creating at least 500 jobs and worth at least DZD 10 billion (approx. EUR 75 million) benefit from the favourable regime for “structuring investments”.

For more information, the full version of this newsletter is available: HERE