Reed Smith launches global innovation initiative

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Global law firm Reed Smith today announces the launch of a firm wide innovation initiative, Innovation Seasons.

As part of the Innovation Seasons initiative the firm is dedicating three month periods to provide a grounding to its lawyers, business services staff and clients across the globe in one specific innovation theme.

The first season will run from October 1 – December 31 2020 and will focus on the use of data in legal services.

Each season will consist of presentations and discussion forums involving legal and other industry professionals as well as technology demonstrations, explainer videos and case studies of successful innovation projects at the firm.

The seasons will apply approaches from technology incubators and start-ups to encourage problem-solving, such as five-day design sprints and ideas campaigns. At the end of each season, the innovation engagement manager will be supporting people internally with formulating ideas and converting them into formal innovation projects.
Reed Smith lawyers engaging in innovation projects can receive up to 50 billable ‘innovation hours’ each year.

Adam Curphey, Reed Smith’s innovation engagement manager, said: “We’re delighted to be launching Innovation Seasons globally across the firm. Having a three month period dedicated to a specific theme will provide a focus within the firm and ensure that the collective knowledge and idea creation can be channelled into tangible outputs.”

“Having started at the firm just over a year ago, I have been hugely impressed with its innovative ways of working. I hope this new initiative will provide another route for our incredibly talented lawyers and business services staff to develop novel solutions to support our clients and enhance the way we operate internally.”

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