The Space Law Review: Estonia

By February 1, 2023 No Comments
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Estonian space law is in its infancy as there are no legally binding acts regulating space-related issues. As Estonians have already made their way into space having launched three satellites, the lack of legislation poses several different practical problems.

At the same time there is a related need for recognised standards internationally that will ensure the safe and sustainable use of space-based equipment and operations, thereby increasing confidence for all who wish to develop their businesses and uses of space, including investors and insurers.

Our partner Mihkel Miidla and assistant lawyer Maarika Maripuu analysed Estonian space legislation and the steps state is planning to improve it.

Read the chapter of Estonia in 4th edition of The Space Law Review here.

The Space Law Review is a practical overview of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing space and satellite activities across key jurisdictions worldwide. With a focus on the most salient recent developments in this fast-evolving sector, it analyses the distinctive features of the law and commercial practice in each jurisdiction and looks at potential future trends.