Vaccination in the italian workplace started


With the operational technical document of May 12, INAIL (National Institute for work-related injury insurance) provides principles and operating methods for vaccination in the workplace.

The document, structured by Inail together with the Ministries of Labor and Health, the Conference of Regions and the extraordinary Commissioner, also resolves some interpretative doubts.

Allavelli Legal

Communicate plan to ASL

Considering the nature of public initiative, the document provides for the communication of company’s vaccination plan to the relevant ASL (local health authority).

Quantitative and qualitative criteria

Quantitative criterion: efficiency and solidarity between companies to allow vaccination to a large number of employees.

Qualitative criterion: on the basis of certain parameters, it will be favorite who, in fact, is in risk of contagion.

Activities divided into three macro groups

Exposure, proximity and aggregation parameters allow the new technical document to provide three macro groups according to the order of priority.

What was already defined by the national protocol of April, 6 is confirmed:

  • The costs for the creation and management of vaccination plans are entirely borne by the employer
  • The costs for the supply of vaccines, administration devices¬†(syringes / needles), training tools and tools for recording vaccinations performed¬†are borne by the territorially competent Regional Health Services.