We had the honour and pleasure of visiting Lisbon’s Supreme Court.

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We had the honour and pleasure of visiting Lisbon’s Supreme Court.

For 190 years justice has been administered in this supreme court in Portugal, each former president has a portrait hanging in the gallery of honour chosen or approved by the president himself.

In the process, the judges have also left clues in the paintings – each in his own way.

In the courtroom, behind the chairs of the Supreme judges, still hangs the portrait of Queen Maria II of Portugal under whom the Supreme Court was established.

While the most prominent spot of the Supreme Court is “occupied” by a special lady from 190 years ago, the first female judge at the Supreme court, Judge Maria Laura Leonardo, was sworn in only on 27 May 2004.

The special tour we had from the chief librarian and the appeal court judge was fascinating (she encouraged us ladies, Ulrika LarpesAnna Berg to take a seat in this special place – we would otherwise not have dared to do so!)

Both similarities and also differences between the different legal systems and customs in, for example, the appointment of judges until the age of 70, the evaluation of all judges every 4 years, that at least 2 excellent evaluations need to have been accomplished (or 30 years of service as an attorney plus an outstanding academic record) to apply for Supreme Court Judge, give us a better understanding of each others traditions.

What is also highly interesting: Portugal’s former civil code from 1867, for instance, is still used today in Goa, #India.