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Paris and Cologne, 5 May 2021 – FIDAL (Fidal) and Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (Luther), both leading independent law firms in Germany and France respectively, announce the creation of unyer, a new global organisation.

The two founding partners are extending their international reach and taking a new step in their strategic development by forming a branded organisation of leading international professional services firms.

unyer has only one member per country and offers more than just legal services. Sharing a similar mind set and providing a full service offering, members of unyer maintain their independence and strong position in their local market.

With nearly 2 000 lawyers and consultants in more than 10 counties in Europe and Asia, unyer currently generates revenue of more than €500 million.

unyer has an ambition to develop rapidly in the top 20 world economies.

“We are very proud to be announcing the foundation of unyer today, a truly unique global organisation. We believe that with our new organisation and approach we will meet all our client’s expectations in a rapidly changing environment. With unyer we can provide all services in all jurisdictions, legal and beyond”, says Christine Blaise-Engel, CEO of unyer and Senior Partner at Fidal.

Markus Sengpiel, Member of the Executive Committee at unyer and Managing Partner of Luther, adds: “Our goal is to create an organisation with its members linked by exclusivity, which does not exist on the market today. Our new members will share our strong industry focus and our values based on collaboration, innovation and dynamism.”

unyer reflects the desire of Fidal and Luther to show a new way of perceiving business advisory practice.

Clients’ needs at the international level are changing rapidly and significantly. unyer is a game changer and can offer them scalable and innovative services and solutions.

The clients of unyer thereby benefit from the expertise and a perfect understanding of the local market.

With its strong industry focus, unyer anticipates the changes of markets and industries and incorporates megatrends in their advice to its clients.

unyer wants to attract new members, sharing a strong local presence, an impeccable reputation in their respective markets with a pragmatic approach. Geographical exclusivity will further strengthen the ties between all members. Members will be law firms, but also structures that offer additional services beyond legal advice.

The form of this new organisation is a Swiss “Verein” regrouping member firms, that retain their own separate legal status and branding in their local markets.